Rotel A14 Bundle – Real HI-FI

R49 000

Bundle consists of :

  • A14 Amplifier with Blu-tooth and iOS app control
  • Cd14 High quality CD player
  • Bowers and Wilkens CM 5 Bookshelf Speaker pair
  • Speaker Stands (600mm height)
  • 6m of  Speaker cable
  • 1 x 1m Wireworld Audio Interconnect for connecting CD to AMP.
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This package has been carefully assembled after much comparison listening and as far as we are concerned the final package represents a great match. The individual components complement each other beautifully. (both sonically and visually)


The A14 is a high performance, 80-watt per channel integrated amplifier that delivers superb music reproduction and features connections for both analogue and digital sources, along with Bluetooth with aptX streaming.

The A14 features a rugged power supply comprising a Rotel-manufactured toroidal transformer plus slit-foil capacitors to effortlessly handle difficult speaker loads and dynamic signal peaks.

This is an impressively flexible audio component, designed to accommodate both classic analogue and the latest digital source components supported by the onboard AKM 32-bit/768kHz DAC. But its greatest strength lies in its ability to render a musical performance exactly as the artist intended.


The CD14 design begins with a carefully engineered power supply to ensure separate, ripple-free voltage and current to both digital and analogue circuits. It maintains the same clean lines and intuitive operation as the other 14 series models, while demonstrating an uncanny ability to resolve even the smallest musical details in a recording.

CM5 S2

What Hifi said it best:

There’s a definite allure to the CM5s. They’re stylish and desirable, but they’re also a fine example of speaker engineering.

It’s difficult to point to a rival here that looks as classy or, indeed, can claim to be as technologically advanced.

The CM5s use B&W’s Kevlar mid-bass driver and Nautilus tube-loaded aluminium tweeter.

And the CM5s are impressive straight out of the box. Faced with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs Zero, they show that they are very detailed and that at the heart of their spacious soundstage, they present a precise and focused stereo image.

We like them too.

This package is rounded out with a set of speaker stands, Audio interconnect, and 6m Speaker cable.