Bowers and Wilkins CM1 S2 White

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An Elegant Bookshelf size speaker that sounds very, very good. This is your chance to get your foot in the Bowers and Wilkins door. CM1 S2 speakers at superb value! Jump at the chance now. New models coming in at the higher exchange rate pricing. Only for people who seriously love their music.

HomeTheatre review says:

Like most of the tweeters in B&W’s speakers, this one has a Nautilus tube: a long, tapered tube on the back that absorbs all of the sound waves coming off the back of the aluminum dome so that the sound waves can’t affect the operation of the dome or “leak through” the diaphragm. This is the same principle by which transmission-line speaker cabinets work, and in my experience it works very, very well.

This little speaker produces such a spacious soundstage, and such realistic imaging, that I’d almost consider it a must-hear for anyone just getting interested in audio. Speakers shouldn’t sound like their sound is coming from a box. They should sound like the sound just appeared in space in front of you…and that’s what the CM1 S2 sounds like.