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From the day that Walt Disney was so impressed by the Bell Labs’ multiple-microphone stereo recording technology, that he spent a huge fortune so that a small audience could experience surround sound for the first time, in the Flight of the Bumble Bee segment of Fantasia, way back in 1941,  we have been looking for ways to experience  movies in ever more mind gripping detail.

Today, Dolby Atmos brings us a whole different way of creating this field of sound which grabs us, and makes what we watch so much more impressive. We were moved when we could hear a plane fly around us, as it drew us into the action. With the Atmos technology, engineers no longer try to move the object by telling the speakers when to play to create the experience of objects moving around us,  but now tell the 3D Sound-Scape where the object must be and the sound is created in that place. This means that the sound is moving from behind, over your head, and up and down, in the volume of space. You are gripped in a sound field that makes every effect, and the total experience of what you are watching, incredibly more intriguing.

Dolby Technologies tell us :

Dolby Atmos, by contrast, frees sound from channels. It’s the first cinematic audio format in which sounds exist as individual entities, called audio objects. In Dolby Atmos, any sound—the helicopter, a car screeching around a corner, a melodic bird call—can exist as an independent audio object, free of channel restrictions. They can be precisely placed and moved anywhere in your room, including overhead, to flow above and around you in three-dimensional space.
Through the use of audio objects, overhead sound, and all the richness, clarity, and power of Dolby sound, Dolby Atmos turns your room into an amazing place for entertainment. You’ll feel like you’re inside the action, in ways you’ve never before experienced. “

So you are curious and wonder if this can be true? Visit a Sound and Image store and experience  Atmos for yourself. Be warned though, you might feel the need to upgrade your system on the spot!

Perhaps you would love the Atmos system, and is wondering what is needed to create or upgrade your system to the Atmos standard? Rest assured, it is fairly simple. While it does require height speakers, there is no need to worry about the Better Half getting distressed. In-Ceiling speakers are barely visible, and where it is not possible to add in-ceilings, upward firing options exist. As usual we highly recommend that you evaluate the speaker set up you will require in your room, pick the speakers that appeal to you, both in how they look and sound to you, and then buy the amplifier that is best suited to drive your selection of speakers properly.

If you are new to Home Theatre and want to create your own space, the world is your oyster. You can start with something as affordable as a soundbar,  or go all out with a ‘Dedicated Themed Room’ with all the equipment nicely hidden (except any truly beautiful speakers you may want to show off), cinema chairs, acoustic treatment and all the interior design elements that make up your fantasy. Many of our clients add the Surround Sound into their existing TV-Room/Lounge/Entertainment area and often exercise the option to build the system out over time, to ensure they have good quality sound from day one, and add the effects in bit by bit.

Some of our clients enjoy rooms like these:




Big or small, invisible or the envy of all, Sound and Image Menlyn and Sound and Image Sandton is ready to assist you with your project today.


Home Theater

Denon AVRX2500H 7.2 Channel Home Theatre Receiver with FREE HEOS 1

Lets unpack this promo –

Denon’s AVR-X2500H

Denon AVRX2500H 7.2 Channel Home Theatre Receiver with FREE HEOS 1

Denon’s AVR-X2500H brings movie soundtracks to life with heart-pounding realism, thanks to decoding for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X. This 4K-compatible receiver upscales HDMI video sources so you can enjoy more of your video content in stunning Ultra High Definition. You can expand your system with two HDMI outputs for watching the same video source on two different screens, plus wired and wireless options for playing music in different rooms.

What the experts have to say –

”Ample detail is delivered with delicacy. Voices have a natural warmth, and there’s a spring in this amp’s step that means surround effects are steered with agility and precision around the room.” Sound & Vision magazine

“Five-star products don’t take long to reveal themselves, and our decision on the Denon AVR-X2500H was straightforward in the end.” What Hi-Fi?

“With the Denon AVR-X2500H you get a very complete receiver that offers a lot for its price. The inclusion of the HEOS platform and support for Airplay 2 make it a strongholder in terms of streaming and music. It is also a very user-friendly device, thanks to that clever interface from Denon.” Home Cinema Magazine

Denon HEOS HS2 Wireless Speaker

Denon AVRX2500H 7.2 Channel Home Theatre Receiver with FREE HEOS 1

The Denon HEOS HS2 Wireless Speaker is designed to be as portable as possible without losing any of the sound quality. The HEOS 1 HS2 includes the much anticipated built-in Bluetooth connection as well as support for High Resolution Audio. It’s small and humidity-resistant, so it goes pretty much anywhere in your house— including the bathroom. You can play music wirelessly through Bluetooth or connect to your Wi-Fi network for access to Denon’s HEOS whole-home music system. You can stream music from a ton of different services. The HEOS HS2 Wireless Speaker is one of the most versatile wireless speakers we carry.

What the experts have to say –

“The HEOS HS2 is a strong wireless speaker with ample functionality and sound quality that challenges much of the competition.” What Hi-Fi

“The Denon HEOS HS2 offers a rugged design and a great feature set to users who want the flexibility of both multiroom music and optional Bluetooth portability. Its build quality is superb, and sound quality is pretty punchy.” CNet

“If you’re looking to invest in a good value multi-room audio system that can handle virtually all streaming services and file types – including the very best in hi-res lossless audio – you’ll not find much better than the updated Denon Heos HS2.” Pocket-lint

There you have it audiophiles- this combo is user friendly and delivers great music quality from literally unlimited music sources in any room, wirelessly.

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Smart Home

Who put’s the “Smart” in a Smart Home

What’s all the fuss about home automation?

Home automation uses technology to improve and simplify the way you use your home. It makes ordinary tasks more convenient and appliances and entertainment systems easier to use.

At S&I, we couldn’t be more proud of Control4. We have had absolute faith in it right from the beginning. Control4 is a home automation system and range of products that has been wowing the market for quite some time. And it’s not just entertainment that they’ve got automated just right – it’s everything!

Creating a smart home has a huge appeal but people don’t know where to start or how far it can extend but Control4 can offer a personalised automation solution to control any device in your home. What makes a smart home smart is a brain and thats exactly what Control4 is.

Whether it’s your entertainment system in a single room or your entire home’s lighting, security, heating or cooling, blinds and door locks – Control4 has products and tailored solutions to suit your needs.

Here’s what you can control with a Control4 system:


A high-end home theatre experience is more than just a nice TV with surround sound. With a home theatre system controlled by your Control4 system, you’ll be the envy of every movie theatre goer in town.

Turn the lights off, choose what you want to watch – TV, Blu-ray, Apple TV – and the system turns on all of the necessary equipment so you’re ready to go in seconds. And when you’re done, a single press of the “Room Off” key will turn everything off.


Control4 lets you control an 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch that can distribute eight HDMI sources (Blu-ray, Pay TV, media player, gaming console, DVR) to eight different video display locations around your home. These sources can be stored out of sight while the Control4 system offers control from anywhere in your home.


As a music enthusiast, users can link their entire music library to the Control4 system and be able to not only control where the music is played but you can also browse your entire collection AND you can expect to enjoy streaming more music than ever before from native streaming services such as Pandora Internet Radio, Deezer and TIDAL.


Your comfort is just as important as your entertainment with Control4.

Control4 home automation makes it easy to look forward to getting home. You can custom set up your smart home so that everything is handled by the system for you. You can adjust the blinds, draw the curtains, turn on your favourite music, switch off lights in unoccupied rooms and even set the air conditioning to a comfortable temperature…. whether you’re home or not! The future of true home comfort has arrived and Control4 is bringing it right to your door.


There are a number of lighting options that can be configured with the Control4 system. Smart lighting adds elegance, ambiance, convenience and energy efficiency to your home.

Control4’s “mockupancy” feature also allows you to enjoy automated lighting, open and close the blinds, and even turn the music or television on and off – so it looks like you’re home, even when you’re not! You can easily create the impression that your home is still occupied even while you’re out or away on holiday.

Raise or dim any light to a desired level in the room or the entire house with a single touch. Automate your lighting to respond to your schedule without any touch at all. 

You can set different lighting modes with customised movie and music modes to adjust the lights to suit the mood of what you’re doing.

And a Goodnight mode can turn off all of the lighting in the house with one button.


On the security side, Control4 brings in your surveillance cameras so you can check your home from anywhere in the world. You can control your entire security system remotely from your iOS or Android device, as well as the in-home control panel.

Control4 can also respond to actions like motion detection so you can receive an alert if someone approaches your front door while you’re out.


Control4 is compatible with most smart locks so doors throughout your home can be locked and unlocked with the touch of a button. Manage locked doors, view and access every security zone of the home, and even view a history of security events and activities from a single intuitive interface.

It’s possible to provide security codes for deliveries and service workers and also provide children and other family members with their own unique codes and then receive a text message when they come and go.

Overall, our customers have been very pleased with the ease and simplicity of Control4 systems — they love how simple and effortless it is to use.

Our clients have really liked having the control in their hands and how easily we have integrated it into their houses with little to no visible equipment or wiring.

Control4 home automation has certainly helped set us apart from our competitors – the systems are scalable, so they can choose to start small and dream big, adding more automation based on how they want to live and the level of automation they require. That’s the beauty of Control4

Looking at getting your hands on the latest Control4 home automation system? Look no further; contact us at Sound & Image for more information and advice today.

Guides - How To

Who are the best AV, Home Control Integration and Audio specialists in Gauteng?

So you are finally ready to get good sound into your home, Congratulations!

and must now find the right people to do the work. How to tread carefully and find who will deliver and stay the course, and who will have you ripping your hair out?

Even with a simple Hi-Fi installation you have people in your home, and when you are looking at building your home into a Smart home, with Control systems integrating your music, movies, series, lights, locks and security systems, it becomes even more critical to have someone at your side that will pre-plan properly, deliver and install the items that will achieve what you require, and will patiently work with you through any wrinkles and mishaps that may come along.

With Sound and Image you have a team of people with specialist knowledge that pull together to assist you with all the myriad intricacies involved with a decent installation. You find someone you enjoy talking to, and then they become the expert on your project and oversee and pull from any additional support he/she may require, and you relax and stay in contact with the person you like talking to. You get the best of both worlds: A team that has been around the block and can draw on each others’ strengths, and the comfort of dealing with a key person.

To book your evaluation session, contact us any time, or visit a store and find the person you are most comfortable to talk to.

Sound and Image was one of the first South African companies to become a CEDIA member. We use the training resources to stay up to date with fast advancing technology, world trends, and to check our standard against the international industry  –  and our Clients benefit!

CEDIA is the abbreviation for Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association.

Deal with People who are qualified and continually train to give you the best service and considered guidance.


At Sound and Image you speak to people, who constantly train to guide you through the intricacies of Integrated, network based Quality Sound.


” Custom home theater, audio, video and residential electronic systems that simplify your life.

CEDIA Certification offers you the finest in custom electronic residential design and installation … and peace of mind.

How do you choose a company to design and install your home theater, multi-room audio or home automation? How can you be sure they know how to bring out the best in today’s highly sophisticated systems for your home’s unique needs?

Look for CEDIA Certification.
CEDIA certified professionals are a select group. They are proven experts who are committed to a higher standard of education. Hiring a CEDIA Certified professional gives you peace of mind-and the finest in custom electronic design and installation. Your home deserves nothing less. Member_wTM_2L


Make an appointment to discuss your plans and vision. You are welcome to have coffee with us, or we will visit your premises, which ever you prefer. We look forward to meeting you.


Whole Home

MusicCast Whole Home Audio Streaming

Enjoy excellent sound all over your house with Yamaha’s multi-room audio solution.

MusicCast Whole Home Audio Streaming

Why MusicCast? The way that we listen to music has fundamentally changed, so Yamaha developed MusicCast to address these changing needs in the easiest and most effective way. In essence, MusicCast helps you stream music wirelessly throughout your home, allowing you to play different music in each room, combine rooms or get everyone listening to the same thing.

What exactly is MusicCast? Yamaha has drawn on years of experience to provide wireless multiroom audio playback controlled by a simple free MusicCast app. Whether you start with a single speaker or create an entire home theatre, MusicCast lets you stream music from your phone or tablet over your existing Wi-Fi network to Yamaha MusicCast receivers, amplifiers, soundbars, soundstage, mini systems, wireless music speakers, HiFi active speakers and interior audio. MusicCast devices support both Wi-Fi and wired Ethernet connections.

How it works? All MusicCast products include the MusicCast chipset and support for both WiFi and Bluetooth, so you can play music from even more devices/sources. There are access point networking functions inside all MusicCast products, allowing them to create a network with your wireless router or directly with each other; allowing MusicCast to create a network, no matter what.

What makes MusicCast different from other brands? MusicCast is included across the Yamaha range of products, allowing you to build a multiroom system without having to buy all new units or tie yourself down into a single ecosystem. In fact the possibilities are endless and any MusicCast product can send audio to any other MusicCast product.

Summary – From AV Receivers to Sound Bars, to Wireless Speakers – whatever your needs are, MusicCast brings your home entertainment experience to a whole new level. MusicCast is convenient, reliable, sounds good and provides easy access to your entire home entertainment library from anywhere in the home. MusicCast is futureproof – welcome to a new wireless world of freedom and possibilities, it’s easy to create a whole-house music system.

PS. Watch this space for MusicCast Gen 2….

Yamaha’s MusicCast 2 Network Music System is a Wi-Fi-based tunes centre that allows you to wirelessly transmit and listen to music in up to 32 rooms throughout your home. Do you even have 32 rooms in your home? New Models can also be used as wireless rear’s in your home cinema. We will keep you posted with the latest updates…


Guides - How To Whole Home

Multi room – What it is and how it keeps you sane

What is a Multi Room System?

A multi room system typically consists of : a controller unit located near the users source components (Hi-Fi or home theater),  keypads mounted in several rooms (Zones) and
discreetly mounted speakers (typically in-ceiling)

What Does it do?

The multi room system enables the users to listen to, or watch, their favourite media, with full control of source and volume. In other words dad could be listening to the news in the study (zone 1), while mom relaxes with classical music in the den (zone2), while the kids listen to hip-hop in the living room (another zone), all at the same time.
Look to see if your amp has a zone two capacity built in!

In short, Multi Room refers to piping music to a number of rooms.

All you have to do is come in and tell us in which rooms you want music. We will discuss each room and sell you the correct speakers for the room. Based on the number of rooms, and type of speakers, the correct Controlling system with all the cabling needed and the installation fees will be discussed and the installations will be booked and confirmed as soon as we see the online transfer/the payment.
The newer better systems make use of ‘killer’ apps on tablets and phones and provide for iPod integration as well as networked storage devices (media servers). Meta-data (artist, track title and album) is displayed on each control device, which makes changing source or volume as easy as pressing a button. Integration with legacy devices means changing a channel on the DStv from another room is just as easy.


The big name in audio distribution is now Control 4 which also offer control of, and integration with other home systems like lighting, CCtv cameras, irrigation as well as all the video (TV’s) and audio (speakers) in the home. Russound is still an option in certain circumstances. To find which will suit you, chat to us now.

Home Control at your fingertips Russound_abus_Vol_Control

Home Theater Receiver expansion

Some Home Theater Receivers come with zone 2 and sometimes even zone 3 outputs which means you can have music in another room or two, for the cost of what ever speakers you choose.

Multi room - What it is and how it keeps you sane
Music from your amplifier to more than one room

The HEOS option

Heos has made listening to your favourite music as easy and beautiful as can be. Now all you have to do is buy a speaker for how ever many people want to listen at the same time, and send the music to the speaker, or to as many speakers as you have, to enjoy your music effortlessly and with no need to retro fit cabling!


Multi room - What it is and how it keeps you sane
With HEOS you can have your own party, or have everyone enjoy the party together


How simple or sophisticated would you like your home to be?

Speak to Sound and Image to find the best fit for you today.



Real Hi-Fi

Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 Reviewed!

The Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2 stereo loudspeakers are one of the most prized speaker in our showroom. Enjoy your music with these Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series 685 S2 2-way loudspeakers. The 685 S2 incorporates decoupled double dome tweeters, as found in the award-winning CM10 speaker. The dual-layer design combines a thin aluminium dome for lightness and a thicker aluminium ring for rigidity, for greater clarity. The tweeter is also kept physically separate from the main cabinet in its own cavity with a ring of gel cushioning it from vibrations. This improves imaging and dispersion for a more natural, spacious treble.

As well as a decoupled, double dome aluminium tweeter, the two-way 685 S2 features a full-range 6.5-inch driver constructed from woven Kevlar and using Anti-Resonance Plug dustcaps, as seen in high-end Bowers & Wilkins speakers. The result is stunning audio quality from a highly versatile smaller speaker.

What the expert have to say –
SoundStage – February 2017
“Anyone looking for an easy entry into the audiophile world would be well served by the Bowers & Wilkins 685 S2. For a $699/pair speaker, it hits most of the high-end high points: precise imaging, refined detail, ample dynamics. And for the speaker’s modest size, its bass extension is impressive.”

Cnet – October 2014
“Whether you listen to death metal or nature documentaries, the Bowers and Wilkins B&W 685 S2s are an astoundingly good set of speakers and an excellent deal at this price level.”
What H-iFi – May 2014
“A superb pair of speakers that are hugely thrilling, these 685s are an update worth waiting for.”
What Hifi Awards 2015
“The 685 S2s have fended off competition for a second year. These are hugely talented and enjoyable speakers, and a definite step up from their predecessors.”
“Stereo speakers – Product of the year” “Best standmounter £400 – £800”

What HiFi Group Test Winner – April 2015
“The B&Ws remain unmatched when it comes to dynamics, bass depth and punch, and they have the subtlety and control to support that immensely captivating sound. They’re just so much fun to listen to, and that’s what makes us keep coming back to them. The 685 S2s are the undeniable champions.”

S&I Verdict –
You simply cannot go wrong when choosing this bookshelf speaker. Punchy, refined and entertaining sound, deep rich bass, the 685 S2 will help make your home stereo system or cinema system sound incredible. A leader in it’s class.

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Real Hi-Fi

EISA Stereo System 2018-2019 Marantz ND8006/PM8006

The Marantz PM8006 and ND8006 streamer/integrated amplifier combination recently picked up a ‘Best Product’ award at this year’s EISA Awards. Sound and Image proudly stock Marantz!


From EISA – “Offering great performance at the price, the ND8006/PM8006 streamer/integrated amplifier combination plays pretty much any music format from any source. The ND8006 spins CDs and streams via AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, Tidal, Deezer and more. Meanwhile, HEOS compatibility allows it to play in a multiroom set-up with matching products. It sports multiple digital inputs with 192kHz/32-bit conversion via an ESS DAC, and the unit is sprinkled with hi-fi goodies including Marantz’s selectable digital filters. The partnering PM8006 amp boasts 70W per channel, sports proprietary HDAM op-amps and a double-shielded toroidal transformer. A special mention goes to its exceptional phono stage. It’s a classic combination.”
Marantz PM8006 and ND8006 explored –
A beautiful performing INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER

  • The PM8006 is designed as a pure analogue integrated amplifier, built for performance with 70W of amplification per channel output to drive a wide range of speakers with ease. To reassert the Marantz commitment to support all music lovers, it features an all-new Marantz designed moving magnet phono stage, designed to deliver the lowest noise and purest signal from your favourite records.
  • The Marantz Music Phono EQ stage is one of the most advanced of its kind, removing any need for buyers to consider upgrading the amplifier with an external phono preamp: making its début in the PM8006, it combines Marantz Hyper-Dynamic Amplifier Modules along with JFETs (Junction gate Field-Effect Transistors) in the input stage, raising impedance so the signal path can be simplified by the removal of coupling capacitors. Its two-stage amplification handles the tiny signal levels produced by cartridges with minimal distortion.
  • Integrated Current Feedback Amplifier with 2x 70W / 8 ohm rms
  • Newly designed electric volume circuit
  • Exceptional Marantz Musical Phono EQ stage
  • Marantz proprietary HDAM-SA3 circuits
  • Triple layer bottom plate
  • Gold Plated Inputs/Outputs incl. Phono (MM) input
  • Double shielded Toroidal Transformer and high quality customized components
  • High quality, original Marantz SPKT-1+ Speaker Terminals (A / B switchable)
  • Available in black or silver-gold
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  • The ND8006 is built to meet all the requirements of the modern digital music listener, bringing together functions usually requiring two or three separate audio components. Based on the successful NA8005 and SA8005 models, but featuring a complete re-think of features and audio design, it combines a CD player with a digital sources hub offering playback from home network, local USB storage, online sources such as streaming services and Internet radio, HEOS multiroom support and DAC functionality allowing the direct connection of computers and other devices.
  • It’s also futureproofed, accepting file formats all the way up to 11.2Mhz quad-DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM, and additionally features both Apple AirPlay and Bluetooth to play music from portable devices.
  • High quality CD, CD-R/RW (MP3/WMA) playback
  • Audiophile 192kHz/32bit D/A conversion (ESS9016) and dual crystal clock
  • Marantz proprietary HDAM-SA2 circuits
  • Full discrete headphone amplifier with HDAM-SA2 and gain control
  • Double shielded toroidal transformer, double layered bottom plate and rigid feet
  • Built-in Wi-Fi with 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band support
  • Built-in HEOS Wireless Multi-Room Audio Technology
  • AirPlay, Bluetooth, Internet Radio, Spotify Connect, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Deezer and more
  • 2x optical, coaxial and USB type B digital inputs with noise isolation circuit
  • Support of WAV, MP3, AAC, WMA, FLAC, ALAC file playback via USB devices
  • 1x optical, coaxial digital outputs; variable and fixed RCA analogue outputs; RS232
  • Available in black or silver-gold
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We are delighted with this well deserved award. This stereo combo delivers renowned Marantz sound. When you combine the PM8006 with the ND8006 CD & Network Player you get excellent music quality from literally unlimited music sources. Both available from Sound and Image. Contact us to book a session to choose the Marantz for you!