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Epson TW-9300 Home Theatre Projector

Film fanatics will revel in this powerful projector’s impressive display. Engineered for accurate, colour-rich performance, the Epson TW9300 offers leading-edge projection technologies. The Epson EH-TW9300 is a ultra high contrast, home cinema projector with 2500 lumens of genuine brightness (colour and white light) and a long 5000 hour lamp life.
Featuring 4K Enhancement, this professional theatre projector supports 4K streaming devices and Ultra HD Blu-ray™ content. It’s also compatible with High Dynamic Range (HDR) content, displaying an extraordinary range of brightness levels with deep, dramatic blacks.
TW9300 Features – 
• Powered Lens Position Memory – Preset up to 10 positions for zoom, focus and lens shift for both standard and wide cinema ratios
• Projector & Lamp Warranty of 3 years for peace of mind.
• Installation Flexibility – Equipped with a wide range of lens shift capabilities, including a super-wide range of up to ± 96.3 percent on the vertical axis and ±47.1 percent on the horizontal axis
• Image Enhancement Features – Super-resolution delivers defined edges and rich image quality, making content come alive; Detail Enhancement refines surface detail for true-to-life images; users can adjust levels of sharpness and detail enhancement
• New Optical Engine – New Cosina 16-element lenses and motorised optics utilising Epson’s best color field uniformity to date.
• Frame Interpolation – Generates multiple new frames between the originals, reducing motion blur and providing a smoother, theater-like experience
• Auto Iris Technology – Adjusts the aperture to provide the optimum contrast and brightness for each scene
• Centered Lens Design – Makes installation easy to plan and carry out with simpler lens-to-screen alignment
• Color Brightness Specification – Brilliant image quality requires high color brightness; Epson projectors utilize 3LCD, 3-chip technology and offer up to 3x higher color brightness than leading competitive projectors

S&I Verdict – 
If you’re a movie fan who is after a serious home cinema projector, then the EH-TW9300W is a bargain. Its picture is crisp and the colours bold, and its wireless transmitter means it can connect to a multitude of 4K HDR sources. Available now from a Sound & Image store near YOU!

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Epson 3 lcd Projectors – The better option

Epson 3lcd equals the brightest colours in the projection business Experience rich cinematic adventures at home with Epson home theater projectors. Whether you enjoy movies, games, or sporting events, every image is sure to pop off the screen with state-of-the-art, innovative projector features.
As the dominant player in the projection industry, Epson wants to deliver high quality projectors with unmatched color brightness and innovative features for business, education and home theater.
Epson 3 lcd Projectors - The better option Epson, high quality projectors.

Epson 3 lcd Projectors - The better option Epson 3 lcd Projectors - The better option

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Screen Innovations Black Diamond™ Zero Edge screens

Screen Innovations (SI) is a leading manufacturer of projection screens and associated technologies for residential and commercial applications.

Best known for Black Diamond™, the world’s first and only multi-directional ambient light rejection projection screen technology, SI has effectively revolutionized the projection category by producing screens that deliver unparalleled images in light or dark environments. 

A highly innovative, industry-specific Screen Innovations design and engineering team works tirelessly, constantly evolving the category in order to effectively bring projection to the mainstream. By operating under the principle that “No matter the budget; Screen Innovations has the best available screen solution to suit your needs,” SI aims to resolve the issues that have historically hamstrung the projection screen industry.
In-house manufacturing permits complete control over product development, quality assurance, and on-time delivery, providing consumers with an outstanding counterpart for today’s projectors.
Black Diamond allows any projector to perform well in either a bright or dark environment by rejecting ambient light, while enhancing projector contrast by over 900%.
Black Diamond Zero Edge is the first affordable large flat-panel alternative, in custom diagonal sizes up to 144”. The Zero Edge ultra-thin rigid panel sets a new aesthetic standard – with a pencil-thin bezel, the projected image appears to float off the wall. Among the multiple mounting options include recessed (unframed), flush-to, projected off the wall, or flying from cables for an incredibly sleek appearance.
Black Diamond™ Zero Edge coupled with the new Black Diamond™ G3 screen materials offers the most cutting edge screen technology money can buy.
Please contact us for pricing and availability, or to experience these incredible screens for yourself at our Menlyn or Sandton branches.
Sound & Image Menlyn 012 368 1440

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3D touching down in home shortly!

3D touching down in home shortly!
Avatar now has a place in movie history as a film that has forever changed public consciousness of a technology. In this case, the technology is 3D. Like it or not, 3D is coming home, and James Cameron’s blockbuster has made a majority of viewers aware of that.

The news came in a Retrovo Pulse survey of 1250+ randomly selected people in December and January. Before Avatar hit theaters, 39 percent of them were aware they’d soon have 3D at home (if they wanted it). After the movie became a sensation, that number rose to 60 percent.

However, don’t jump to the conclusion that a majority of consumers are ready to spring for 3D. While the survey did record a jump in willingness to buy, from 27 to 32 percent, that still leaves two-thirds of consumers 3D-wary.


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Epson home theater projectors awarded THX certification

Epson home theater projectors awarded THX certification
Building on its commitment to deliver high-quality home entertainment experiences, Epson America today announced that its award-winning Home Cinema 8500 UB and Pro Cinema 9500 UB projectors have received THX® certification. Designed for custom installers and home entertainment enthusiasts, the native 1080p 3LCD(TM) home theater projectors deliver accurate and exceptional picture quality with THX Movie Mode, a playback setting that lets consumers experience studio color, black levels and clean signal processing right out-of-the-box.(i)

“We are constantly working to develop high-quality products that deliver the optimal balance of image quality, performance, display flexibility and affordability to enable home theater enthusiasts to create unforgettable wide-screen experiences in their homes,” said Marge Ang, senior product manager, Epson America. “Receiving THX certification clearly demonstrates that these latest Home and Pro Cinema projectors offer the best in their respective price and performance classes.”

THX sets strict performance standards for black levels, resolution, contrast, color gamut, and signal processing. The THX Certified Home Cinema 8500 UB and Pro Cinema 9500 UB feature THX Movie Mode, a playback setting designed to recreate the cinema experience at home by adjusting the projector’s gamma, luminance, color temperature and other settings to match those used by filmmakers in the studio.

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3D and How it Works

3D and How it Works
3D Film
The term 3D or 3-D is used to describe any visual presentation that attemps to create an illusion of depth to the viewer. Generally this is accomplished by filming two images at the same time from diferent angles. The images is then displayed in such a way that the viewers visual coretex will interpret the oair of images as a single 3D image.

3D Film Techniques
There are several techniques to produce 3D Film. They all involve projecting stereoscopic images.

•Anaglyphic 3D film (with glasses)
•Polarization 3D film (with glasses)
•Alternate-frame sequencing (with glasses)
•Autostereoscopic displays (without glasses)

3D Film vs 3D Games
3D Film and the technique behind 3D film is not to be mistaken to be anything like the technique behind the term ‘3D Games’. Today, generally, 3D Games refer to a game that is set in a virtual 3D world where you can move about in all directions. But the eye (or brain) is not really ‘seeing’ the images as 3D, not more than viewing a 2D photograph of our 3D world. But with most 3D Film techniques available 3D Games could easily be made to generate realistic moving 3D images.

This exciting technology will soon be making its way into your living room!