Sound and Image – Home theater design examples

Some examples of Home Theater’s to get the creative juices flowing.

Home Theater - Thats our passion and delight

A variety of styles for a variety of living spaces.
Everyone is different – So whether you want a full on, no holds barred traditional Home Theater, or a minimalist system with hidden equipment and speakers, You should have the power to choose. Our job is to supply the equipment to Your criteria and ensure it is able to perform to Your expectations thereby ensuring enjoyment for the whole family.

From Bedroom to Boardroom we design to suit your style

A smattering of completed projects over the years :

(We know Sound, not photography)Home Theatre Sound and Image Menlyn project


Lifestyle sound in lounge 2. Sound and Image project.


2014_Home Theatre Sound and Image Pretoria project2014 Sound and Image Sandton Lifestyle speakers at fireplace

Home theater Johannesburg Sound and Image project


Sound and Image Boardroom Theater

Sound and Image Quality Sound for a restaurant Pretoria project

Home Theatre for a lounge Sound and Image project


Patio theater Sound and Image project


lounge 1 Sound and Image Home Theatre fit decor Gauteng project

Sound and Image Clients:

are a diverse group of people, who all share the desire to enjoy quality sound in their lives and homes.

We most often do projects for dedicated Home Cinema Rooms as well as Home Theatres for lounges and living spaces in houses of people who care about their homes.

We have also completed projects for museums, Hotels, small bed and breakfasts, boardrooms, common rooms for big companies and often do a special set up for guest rooms in executive homes where they have to accommodate international guests in a suite.

Contact us to help you create your own!


Home Theatre for a modern lounge Sound and Image Gauteng project

Can I afford a good quality Sound System, How much does it cost?

At Sound and Image we stand for Value. This means that our prices are in line with the industry recommendations, and often quite competitive. We have systems that are inexpensive,  at entry level prices. We have more systems that are at price points between R 40 000 and R 150 000 and then we also have spectacular systems and a few high end items which does cost a bit more.
We have completed projects where there are a number of systems in different rooms for specific uses as well as whole home Control, where the total project costs well above a million rand.

Regardless of the price point that suits you, we will only offer products that represent good value at that price point

A comfortable family home in Gauteng, with a wonderful Home Theater system.

Truly amazing sound. Sound and Image Gauteng project.

Home Theater in a lounge can be tricky to get neat; with pre-planning this system is discreet and perfect.

We also have a staggering amount of combined experience in the company, and believe in  on-going training to add value to the sale through knowledgeable staff, at no extra cost to you.
We currently have several CEDIA accredited and certified staff members, and every staff member has completed industry training courses in South Africa. We continually strive to learn more, and enjoy discovering Ways-that-Work with our Clients.

Whilst we are geared to handle projects in Gauteng, we have completed a number of projects in other provinces, and also a few in other African countries, by special arrangement (please note we do not export).

Quality Sound for any area. Sound and Image Gauteng projectWe can do small sales, such as a television only, or a pair of speakers only, and we sell complete sets at a time, and we design, sell and install products for the whole house.
No matter how big or small the sale or the project, we are happy to assist.



Home Theatre in the bedroom. Sound and Image Gauteng project.

What can I do with a Good Sound System?

Using modern technology to enhance communication in a boardroom. Enjoy music outside with outdoor weather resistant speakers. Small speakers fit in the decor of this retro lounge and the discreet system still delivers great sound. Extend good sound to the bedroom, with home network connection.  Patio Theatre is great for watching sport with a crowd! Braai and see all the best sport together. Modern homes are beautiful, and so are the Surround Sound systems that go in them. Relax! Enjoy!

Discreet Surround sound enhancing the normal TV viewing in a lounge.

Home Theatre in a lounge Discreet Surround sound. Sound and Image Gauteng project.


Enjoy the gym room with your favorite music or catch up on the news with a TV mounted out the way and speakers in the walls.

Lifestyle sound and av in the home gym. Sound and Image Gauteng project.