Russound Audio Distribution

Russound  provide Control systems that are easy to use.

Russound Audio Distribution
It is a relatively inexpensive way to stream sound to any area, and then control the tracks and volume in the room.

The multiroom audio system will play music from several different sources, to any room in the house, simultaneously, so that dad can relax with jazz in the lounge, mom can work out to oldies on the patio and the kids can play games in the family room whilst listening to their restricted i-pod collection. So everyone can get exactly what they want, when they want, where they are, at volumes that suit.



Russound continue to develop products in Newmarket USA, they say that they want to design and deliver innovative products that are easy to install, simple to use, offer great value, and of course, sound great.


Russound aim to make this elegant and uncomplicated.

At Sound and Image we offer Russound Media Distribution Products to our Pretoria and Johannesburg (Gauteng) Clients.

Russound is most suited to clients that require limited operational choice and maximum ease of use. Easy control of volume in every room


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