Rotel an elite brand for component av

Rotel, an elite brand: SOUND REASONS TO OWN ROTEL

For fifty years, the family owned business earned success making audio video products for fanatics.  Currently, the “family” include designers, engineers, enthusiasts and business people from across the globe.

Rotel strive to make Home Entertainment electronics that can compete against products costing much more. The value is unlocked by selective sourcing of raw components, and meticulous circuit design. This delivers the high quality at reasonable price points for the features offered.

Rotel an elite brand in audio video products

The engineering philosophy is : Balanced Design.
The Concept is to balance all the disciplines, in order to achieve superb final sound quality.
The physics, electronics and mechanical engineering must come together in a cohesive whole.
The three major areas : Parts selection ; Circuit topology and Critical Evaluation form the corner stones of the design. Much attention is paid to all these details to keep costs down, and maximise performance. These three components must come together holistically for an overall performance level that appeals to audio enthusiasts.Rotel components for audio enthusiasts

Sound and Image in Gauteng stock Rotel for audio enthusiasts that enjoy quality at fair prices.

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