Multi Room -Enjoy Music and Video everywhere

  What is a Multi Room System?

A multi room system typically consists of a controller unit located near the users source components (hi-fi or home theater),  keypads mounted in several rooms (Zones) and discreetly mounted speakers (typically in_ceiling)

Russound multi room controller and keypads to play music everywhere in the home

The newer better systems make provision for iPod integration as well as media servers, which is basically a hard drive based storage solution for all the families music.

Meta-data (artist, track title and album) is then displayed on each keypad while that track is playing. Changiuno s2 keypad control volume of musicng source or volume is as easy as pressing a button on the keypad or remote control — And obviously, changing a channel on the dstv from the bedroom is just as easy. Multi Room audio / video


Home Theater Receiver expansionZone diagram to pipe and play music to a second room

The better Home Theater Receivers tend to come with zone 2 and sometimes even zone 3 outputs which at the cost of some functionality are a viable way of getting music playing throughout the home.

What Does a Proper multi room system do?

house plan with audio zones to play music in every room

The multi room system enables the user’s to listen to, or watch, their favorite media  with full control of source and volume. In other words dad could be listening to the news in the study (zone 1), while mom relaxes with classical music in the den (zone2), while the kids listen to hip-hop in the living room (another zone), all at the same time.