Home Automation  :  The Smart Home

If you would like to :
· Control all your Hi-Fi equipment with one device.
· Automatically drop a screen when the projector switches on.

· Dim the lights when you switch the telly on.
· Control all the lights from one location; or have them switch on when you enter the room.
· Be notified about open windows and doors or someone approaching your house.
· Have the system wake you up by gently switching on the lights, opening the curtain and switching on the radio.
· See what is happening in your home or control it through the internet.
· Just generally make life easier, safer, and more luxurious.


We have found the perfect solution.

The home controllers from Control4 not only allow full control of the home theater and integrate music streaming throughout the home, they also allow full control of lighting, air-conditioning and more.

home automation control in your hands

4 steps to complete control.

Step 1 Control the home theater

Start with your existing home theater, including TV, receiver, amplifier, and speakers.

Add automation with the Control4 Home Theater Controller. Eliminate your current remotes and control everything with the Control4 System Remote Control, your iPhone, or tablet.

Add Control4® Wireless Dimmers and Switches and control lighting too.

Step 2. Extend your listening throughout the home.

Begin by adding automation to your home theater and existing audio system with the Control4 Home Theater Controller – up to six individual devices can be controlled with each controller.

Use the Home Theater Controller to distribute wired music from (up to) three sources to (up to) three audio zones.

Enable additional digital music zones over Wi-Fi and Ethernet  from the Home Theater Controller by adding Control4 Speaker Points, with integrated digital amplification, to other areas in the home.

Add even more audio zones to your home using the Control4 Mini Touch Screen’s audio-out feature to bring digital streams to rooms throughout the house.

Step 3 Control the whole home’s lighting

home automation control the lights and alarm with one touch

Start with the Control4 lighting products that best suit your needs: Dimmers, Switches, Outlet Switches and Outlet Dimmers.

Set a Control4 controller to automatically turn lights on and off when not needed during the day.

Motion detectors throughout the house work with a Control4 controller to turn lights on when a room is in use, or turn lights off when there is no motion in the room.

Program lighting scenes to create ambiance for entertaining, study or work.

Schedule lights to go on and off to create that ‘lived in’ look while you are away.

Step 4 Control climate

Start with a Control4 Wireless Thermostat.

Automate it with a Control4 controller.

Add motorized blinds and a Control4 Wireless Outlet Switch to set blinds to go up or down based on inside temperature, time of day or position of the sun on the horizon.

4. Add motion detectors to determine if a room is in use and then automatically adjust the temperature to a preset level.

5. Control the temperature and automated features from anywhere in the house with a Control4 Touch Screen, Keypad, System Remote Control, PC, smart phone, or Tablet (software available for Android  and ios devices)

Safety,  security, entertainment, and convenience!
What else do you need?

“Whether you are building a new home or are looking for a solution to automate your existing home… Control4 offers an affordable modular solution. You can add new products as and when you want. ”
Safety,  security, entertainment, and convenience!

Frequently asked questions

Can I make my home safer with Control 4, in Gauteng?

Home automation Control-4 door Lock for control over entry securityWith Control 4, you can set up the system to assist you with security,
for example:

– Receive email alerts for security-related actions, e.g. garage door left open, the security system is triggered, a window is opened, etc
– Use IP cameras to keep an eye on your home, no matter where you are.
– Lock the whole house in one touch, even from your mobile phone.
– Program your lights to mimic your usual patterns to appear as if you’re home, even when you’re not.

Can I go Green in Gauteng and reduce my energy use with Control 4 ?


Control 4 can assist with cutting back on energy use and energy bills, for example:

-Use dimmers, timers and occupancy sensors
to reduce energy – Go Green!
-Use motion sensors to turn lights off automatically when rooms are unoccupied.
-Set the irrigation to go on and off during low cost periods, which also reduces evaporation, and keeps the plants healthy and protects the investment in the plants.

How can Home automation or a Smart home make my life more convenient?

Once a Home is automated, there are numerous ways that life becomes more convenient. Just a few simple possibilities:

– While you’re sitting in traffic, you can turn on the A/C, crank up the hot-tub temperature and check the weather on the IP cameras.

– It’s Tuesday after school and you get a text from your daughter: She forgot her house key-again. Just sign in to your system from your iPhone and unlock the door for her.

-Turn the whole house off in one touch with a “Good Night” scene, – some lights can go completely off as the kids’ dim to 10%


Can I listen to the music of my choice, what ever room I’m in, and control the volume of the kids areas?

Absolutely. Keep the volume in check so that the kids and their choice of music, or repetitive watching of their favourite show, do not drive you to distraction.
Control4   smart home Home Automation Control maximum volume and kids

– Play music from multiple formats and sources, including radio, streaming music services, your iPod/mp3 player, an external hard drive or computer in any room in the house.
– Simplify your audio, video, and home theater components with one remote to control everything.
– Turn your television into an elegant interface from which you can access and control your entire home.
-Browse and access al your movies and music on your network via the Control4 interface on your iPhone, iPad, PC or Android device.