Multi room + Home Control

What is a Multi Room System?

A multi room system typically consists of : a controller unit located near the users source components (Hi-Fi or home theater),  keypads mounted in several rooms (Zones) and
discreetly mounted speakers (typically in-ceiling)

What Does it do?

The multi room system enables the users to listen to, or watch, their favourite media, with full control of source and volume. In other words dad could be listening to the news in the study (zone 1), while mom relaxes with classical music in the den (zone2), while the kids listen to hip-hop in the living room (another zone), all at the same time.
Look to see if your amp has a zone two capacity built in!

In short, Multi Room refers to piping music to a number of rooms.

All you have to do is come in and tell us in which rooms you want music. We will discuss each room and sell you the correct speakers for the room. Based on the number of rooms, and type of speakers, the correct Controlling system with all the cabling needed and the installation fees will be discussed and the installations will be booked and confirmed as soon as we see the online transfer/the payment.
The newer better systems make use of ‘killer’ apps on tablets and phones and provide for iPod integration as well as networked storage devices (media servers). Meta-data (artist, track title and album) is displayed on each control device, which makes changing source or volume as easy as pressing a button. Integration with legacy devices means changing a channel on the DStv from another room is just as easy.


The big names in audio distribution are Russound and Niles but they are being challenged by Control 4 since they also offer control of, and integration with other home systems like lighting, CCtv cameras, irrigation as well as all the video (TV’s) and audio (speakers) in the home.

Home Control at your fingertips Russound_abus_Vol_Control

Home Theater Receiver expansion

Some Home Theater Receivers come with zone 2 and sometimes even zone 3 outputs which means you can have music in another room or two, for the cost of what ever speakers you choose.

Full Control at your fingertips!

The big name in Home Automation is Control 4 .

Control4 Sound and Image Authorised dealer

With Control 4 you have control over any linked system, from where ever you are.

Control the
Sound:   volume levels and
Source: (what is playing)
Lights: switch on and off, dim and set up automatic choices, such as switching all internal lights off with one button.
Security: look at CCtv footage from any TV, your phone or computer; you can even choose to have the image of the person at the front door open on your screen to see who arrives (whether you are at home or not).
Irrigation: set automatic time sequences, and change them any time.
Blinds: you can set up a sequence to close the blinds, lower the screen, and start all the Hi-Fi components at the press of a button.
Locks: Electronic locks are available, if you need to set up entrance parameters, for example, have the cleaning staff enter only between certain hours; or to open remotely when someone feeds the pets during your holiday.
The Control 4 system integrates with your Home Network.
Control 4 has an app available, so that you can use your Phone (or your computer) to see your system where ever you are.


Control4 Smart homes Goodnight One touch

Control4 Control your home from where ever you are, even the beach

Control family time and entertainment to unlock family time and fun with friends