Sound surround speaker advice!

Looking to Upgrade your 5.1 Theater to a 7.1 and not sure what surround speaker type to go for?                                                                                 A surround sound speaker system means five, six or seven speakers plus a subwoofer . In addition to selecting the number … Continue reading

Let Us Design Your Dream!

                                  Looking to upgrade your Theater System or Stereo system?                 Let us handle the entire sytem design and installation as per your requirements! Now you truly can have the perfect system and room! Our System Designers look forward to meeting … Continue reading


Benefits of seperate av components

Components_AllInOne                                                 The simplest form of home theatre system is a home theatre in a box (HTiB), which provides a complete package of source, amplification and speakers. Frequently, these systems are inexpensive, small and severely constrained in performance terms. You’re unlikely to benefit from the same picture-enhancing features as you could expect to find on a standalone DVD player, for example, while most systems feature amplifiers with strictly limited but often wildly exaggerated power outputs.

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