Terms and Conditions Regarding Repairs through Sound and Image

When things go wrong…

Please contact us. We will always try our best to assist in any way we can.

Terms and Conditions on Repair cards
1) Guarantees are carried out by, and subject to, suppliers’ policies
2) Repairs take 6 to 8 weeks, and any items not collected within 3 months of repair completion, will be sold to defray costs, or destroyed to clear space.
3) Only the work carried out and parts replaced, will be guaranteed by the supplier, for three months.
4) Items marked ‘Guarantee Repair’ , automatically become ‘Payable Repair’ should the fault not be due to factory defect, or if proof of purchase is not produced.
5) Payable repairs are only accepted upon receipt of a non refundable R 500 handling fee
6) Payable repairs are only accepted on behalf of suppliers, for whom we act as collecting agent.
7) All risk and liability remains with the customer.
8) Repairs up to R 1500 will be done without a quotation.