LET’S DO BUSINESS : Get Quality Sound into your home

Sound and Image offer:               

Home Theatre and Cinema Surround Sound   

and  Stereo Systems        

and   Audio distribution:


You get to relax and enjoy the results when you do business with Sound and Image

Which ever room you want to improve : a Lounge, a separate TV room, a dedicated Home Theatre room;
How ever big or small the home:  a small Townhouse or a Mansion;
No matter the size of the project:  a Bachelors’ living area or sound throughout a many level home;
we offer expertise and assistance when you do business with us.

We strive to respect your time, listen to your needs, then deliver products that will suit and set it up to work so you can relax and enjoy your system.


Immerse yourself in Quality Sound and enjoy the results when you choose Sound and Image to do business


We welcome everyone and aim to have people at hand that can handle technical experts as well as people who are taking their first steps in the quality sound arena.

How do we do business?

1. Do a full assessment.
We need to know the physical parameters of the rooms(s) in  detail.
We need to understand what your priorities and goals are.
2. Design.
Let you know which stock item(s) will achieve your goals
what it cost and what kind of installation it requires
3. When you accept the presentation
we process the payment
we accept credit cards and online payments, and any payment as long as we can clear it in SA Rand before goods leave the store.
then book an installation date that will suit.
4. Complete the hand over
Stock and services are invoiced out on the day it leaves the store
(you may take the stock with you as long as the payment has cleared).
The stock is delivered, installed, set up, programmed and calibrated
We show you how everything is set up
If at any time you have any queries, please bring it to our attention.

We offer guarantees,
Do Trade Ups and
Generally ensure we have long, mutually beneficial relationships with our Clients.


You Enjoy your system


When you choose Sound and Image as your business partner, you get to sit back and enjoy!