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Deal with People who are qualified and continually train to give you the best service and considered guidance.



At Sound and Image you speak to people, who constantly train to guide you through the intricacies of Integrated, network based Quality Sound.


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” Custom home theater, audio, video and residential electronic systems that simplify your life.

CEDIA Certification offers you the finest in custom electronic residential design and installation … and peace of mind.

How do you choose a company to design and install your home theater, multi-room audio or home automation? How can you be sure they know how to bring out the best in today’s highly sophisticated systems for your home’s unique needs?

Look for CEDIA Certification.
CEDIA certified professionals are a select group. They are proven experts who are committed to a higher standard of education. Hiring a CEDIA Certified professional gives you peace of mind-and the finest in custom electronic design and installation. Your home deserves nothing less. Member_wTM_2L