Sound and Image – a history of providing good service in retailing Sound, Home Theatre and Hi Fi and now also Control products

Sandton store through the window

Sound and Image, a retailer with a good track record in giving good service for clients that want quality sound, Home Theatre, Hi-Fi, Surround sound and Home Control products and service.

Sound & Image started in the 1980’s as an audiophile specialist based at Eastgate in Bedfordview. The original concept was upmarket and included many esoteric Hi-Fi products which were imported directly as the original owners had many agencies.


Sound and Image, the first logo

The company’s fortunes waxed and waned and owners changed a few times over the years until the advent of the DVD and the Home Theater phenomenon which precipitated the decline of traditional Hi-Fi outlets.

In 1999 the present owners, Joe and Manda Botha, took over the premises and staff and implemented the changes to rebuild Sound & Image. The strategy included creating a more open ambience in the store, focussing on Home Theater, and retaining the reputation for quality brands. We decided that own imports created a bias which was not in the best interests of our clients so we source all products from officially appointed local agents.

Product selection was based on performance, build quality, value for money, and supplier service. Today we still use these edicts when evaluating new brands.

Our second principle of fair dealing with clients and suppliers and staff has led to a high degree of trust with all whom we deal with and we still enjoy the support of all our major suppliers and many original clients to this day.

In late 2001 we expanded to a second store in Menlyn Park Shopping centre, where we were fortunate to enjoy almost instantaneous acceptance and once again many of our first customers still support us today.

The Menlyn store was much larger than Eastgate and besides auditioning facilities we had enough space to show an extensive range of support furniture which has been very well received. Many systems we sell include the required stand.

The Menlyn store was followed by Sandton two years later and Centurion at the end of 2006 and at the same time we completed refurbishment of the first two stores, so then we had a consistent look for all the stores as well as a new logo.

Over time it proved impractical to keep the Eastgate and Centurion stores open and both have subsequently been closed.

When we got our Online Catalogue up and running,
we changed our  logo to identify to a rectangular shape to fit the web requirement and this was what identified your favourite Hi-Fi store:

Current Sound and Image Logo

Sound and Image Logo 2015


We captured the Quality SOUND and Stable IMAGE in an oval of maroon-brown colour, representing our stability and our Client’s vibrancy, set in a calm and welcoming  rose-white.



Sound and Image : a Sandton project

Exciting developments in consumer electronics have encouraged us, after consultation with clients and suppliers, to shift our focus to systems integration. We have expanded our product offering to emphasize audio / video distribution and whole home control. (of course  Home Theater is still our passion.)  Technology is converging at a fearsome pace and the lines are blurring between micro processor controlled and traditional Hi-Fi.

The move from analogue to digital, and standard to High definition, has meant new ways to share and enjoy your music and movies, with faster and better access, and more choice of where and when to enjoy,  and all in better quality too.


From 2013 onwards, the ability to integrate Hi-Fi with the internet meant understanding basic networking became a key skill in the industry. Sound and Image staff  undergo training to ensure we are in position to assist our Clients in this regard.
(We are CEDIA members in order to use another avenue of Industry information and to measure our standards. )


Sound and Image is a member of CEDIA to ensure we maintain good standards as compared to the international benchmark.


Gone are the days where an installation was merely about knowing where to plug a few cables in. With a Sound and Image installation, you can rest assured that we are able to integrate the system into your network for you.


At Sound and Image we are still excited about quality Home Theatres, and many of our Clients buy the equipment and Hi-Fi components from us.  With our help, they build their dream Home Theatre as a Themed/Dedicated room, or as part of a lounge, as the hub of the system;  Then add the Control 4 system; and  integrate the Hi-Fi , the Control System, the speakers distributed to many other rooms and all the entertainment equipment via a Home Network. They rely on us to install, set up and calibrate the systems, and then enjoy the many benefits such a set up bring.

Sound and Image design Home Theatres out of Sandton and Menlyn stores



Entering 2017 : another change updates the stores for your enjoyment.

Nov 2016 sees Menlyn Park Shopping centre opening the new section of the mall to showcase over 500 stores in total. We are so fortunate as to find ourselves in a new spot in a beautiful location. Sound and Image Menlyn is now at LF 106 , right by the inviting Open Air Plazas’ elevators.

Moving meant a newly designed shop to show the many amazing options people have to choose from, when buying into pleasing Sound in and around the home. Please let us know what you enjoy about the stores as we roll out the improvements during 2017.


Sound and Image logo

2017 Logo


The Silver and Blue reflects the strong character and vibrancy of our Clients, Staff and our Brand. Development in Technology means that our homes are becoming more integrated and we increasingly rely on our phones to communicate with items around us. The new logo represents the pulsing connection and future looking strides we take with our Clients, while retaining the stability and experience required to deliver service and good relationships.

Sound and Image have a history of designing, delivering the products and completing the installation of many Home Theatres, of all descriptions and room sizes.

We love to design Home Theatres, from the all out Themed Room, the dedicated room or any size Lounge/Living room. If you want quality Surround Sound in any area, to enhance the listening experience, and if you want the benefits that Control 4 products bring to the home, Sound and Image is The retailer of quality Hi-Fi products, we keep stock on hand to sell and handle the whole project from Design, to managing the process together with your architect, builder and interior designer, and complete the installation so we can check that it is set up for optimum use, and to give you peace of mind.

Because we are an established retailer, you are assured that there is a whole team of people ready to assist you at any time, and capable of extending one another all the support needed to complete any sale, job or project.

We want to be your first choice in designing, supplying, and installing the systems that enhance your lifestyle and give you pleasure. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

— That’s entertainment folks.