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 Sound and Image Retail easy to use Home Theatre, Hi Fi and sound products


Sound and Image retails Home Theatre and Control products from two branches, Sandton (Johannesburg) and Menlyn (Pretoria/Tshwane) , in Gauteng RSA.

Our aim is to make it easy for you to use your home entertainment system to it’s fullest potential.
We do that by offering systems where we have carefully selected the best combinations of components and speakers to maximise performance and features to unlock the best benefits at every price point.  A select group of Clients choose high end, amazing systems, and we often assist with quite modest systems.

We add value by setting up and calibrating the systems we sell for maximum ease of use. (A system that can be used easily by the whole family is a great system)

Sound and Image Sandton window show attractive audio products

Sound and Image Sandton Johannesburg Gauteng, retail easy to use Home Theatre, Hi Fi and sound products.

Home Theatre is our passion and would love to have the opportunity to assist you in setting up what ever system suits your particular circumstances.

Improve the quality of sound you enjoy, whether in a small town-house, or a multi-million mansion. There are products available that fit in beautifully in different styles of lounges, in dedicated (even themed) cinema rooms, in bedrooms, on patios, in dining rooms, studies and fitness rooms. All and any rooms in and around the house can provide quality sound for you to enjoy.

The Home Control products allows for something simple, such as piping sound and controlling volume, to covering control of a wide range of items, such as irrigation, lights, speakers, cctv cameras, curtains/blinds and locks.

Love Living in your Home!


Switch from Movie, to Music, to Gaming with ease

A system installed by Sound and Image : Enhance your life with an easy to use Hi Fi or Home Theatre system, that is as easy on the eye as the ear.