3D and How it Works

3D Film
The term 3D or 3-D is used to describe any visual presentation that attemps to create an illusion of depth to the viewer. Generally this is accomplished by filming two images at the same time from diferent angles. The images is then displayed in such a way that the viewers visual coretex will interpret the oair of images as a single 3D image.

3D Film Techniques
There are several techniques to produce 3D Film. They all involve projecting stereoscopic images.

•Anaglyphic 3D film (with glasses)
•Polarization 3D film (with glasses)
•Alternate-frame sequencing (with glasses)
•Autostereoscopic displays (without glasses)

3D Film vs 3D Games
3D Film and the technique behind 3D film is not to be mistaken to be anything like the technique behind the term ‘3D Games’. Today, generally, 3D Games refer to a game that is set in a virtual 3D world where you can move about in all directions. But the eye (or brain) is not really ‘seeing’ the images as 3D, not more than viewing a 2D photograph of our 3D world. But with most 3D Film techniques available 3D Games could easily be made to generate realistic moving 3D images.

This exciting technology will soon be making its way into your living room!


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